Food is part of Trinidad and Tobago’s culture. Our culinary delights are known around the world.

The local restaurant industry has been one of the few that has seen consistent growth throughout the years, with several new restaurants popping up across Trinidad and Tobago satisfying a variety of different tastes.

Services such as Foodle are in high demand and have the potential to revolutionize and energize the local food industry as it has done in the US, Asia and Europe where similar apps such as Uber Eats, Door Dash and Postmates have seen overwhelming success helping increase take out sales significantly.

“Orders placed via smartphone and mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry by 2020



Provide opportunities and deliver satisfaction.


Foodle’s goal is to deliver more than just food.

Our goal is to deliver satisfaction and create opportunities for people to reach their full potential.

Foodle is actively seeking motivated investors and business partners who share our passion for creating opportunities in our communities and to provide mentorship and guidance along the way.

By investing in Foodle at this early stage, you would not only be empowering opportunity – you would also be part of Foodle’s growth locally, regionally and internationally.

Surveys say

Gen-X’ers and millennials are eating takeout and delivery 2-3 times a week and spending $200 or more per order on average.

60% of people surveyed would prefer to have their food delivered even if it meant paying more.

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