How it works

1. Users places order

Customers order the food they love from your restaurant using the Foodle mobile app or website for pickup or delivery. They can pay online or at your restaurant if they are collecting the order in person.

2. New order Received

You are notified of new orders immediately via SMS, Email and at your point of sale or kitchen. If the order is for delivery, a Foodle driver is dispatched to your restaurant.

3. pickup or delivery

Using the Foodle mobile app, customers get order updates, can track the location of their delivery driver, and get directions to your restaurant if they are collecting the order themself.


The Foodle Restaurant Manager
for Apple and Android tablets

New orders are sent directly to your restaurant point-of-sale via our mobile app. You can also manage your products, download sales reports and much more:

  • Add/Remove products
  • Update products & prices
  • Track new and completed orders
  • Update order status
  • View Reports
  • Approve reviews
  • Request withdrawals

The restaurant manager app makes tracking and managing your Foodle orders quick and easy.

Optional Apple iPad and Foodle Point-Of-Sale Processing Units. Contact us for more information.

You take care of the food

We’ll take care of delivery

A network of Foodle delivery drivers are waiting to full-fill your orders. When a new order is ready, it is collected by a Foodle driver at the restaurant, securely placed in our insulated delivery bags and delivered to your customer.

Customers get updates via the Foodle app and track their drivers location as well as message and call the driver directly with any special requests or instructions.

In some cases you may require additional hardware or software to integrate with your point of sale. Free offer does not include any required hardware or custom software developments. Monthly listing fees will vary based on your menu and hardware requirements.